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How Rental Works

How Rental Works Best.

Not all rental companies are the same. Some might be showing you photos from a manufacturer’s website instead of the actual chairs, tables and other equipment that will be at your event. Others might be unclear on timing, forcing you to decide whether to be inconvenienced or incur additional charges. Many simply aren’t as willing as we are to sit down and thoughtfully talk through every last detail.

Rental works best when you find a partner who cares about your event as much as you do—a partner like AAA Rents.


We Focus on Safety So You Can Focus on Your Celebration.

There’s a lot to consider when working with tents and other rental equipment—everything from staking and weighting to ground surfaces.

You can count on our fully trained staff to think through each of those details. We regularly attend courses throughout the Midwest that focus specifically on these and other safety-related concerns.

We make sure you never have to wonder if everything will be just right at your next event.


Ask Our Staff about Our Rental Policies.

We want everyone who rents from us to have a wonderful, unforgettable day.

To ensure that we’re always able to deliver those experiences, our staff is happy to discuss the specific details of our rental policies.

As a general rule, the more time you give yourself to plan the event with your rental partner, the more satisfying the overall experience will be.  

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