AAA Rents Body Background

Past, Present and Future

AAA Rents was opened in 1994 by Mark and Nancy Hawk. After almost 20 years in a family business we decided to start our own rental store. We began with an inventory of homeowner and contractor tools and a small amount of tables and chairs.  Our previous, extensive experience was predominately in party, wedding and special event rentals, but also included a firm background in tool rentals. At that time there was a greater need in the area and a better opportunity for us to concentrate on the tool rental business.

After just a few short years our besiness began evolving. We began to increase our presence in the party and special events marketplace by adding tents and other party related items to our inventory. In 2001 we purchased a building on Brady Street in Davenport, IA and began an extensive renovation to house both a tool and party rental business as a 2nd location. This location was closed as a rental store in 2011 and the now the building is used to house our growing inventory. Our son David joined the rental busines full time in 2005.